Ever wondered why dogs love to cuddle every given chance?

Dogs are man’s best friend. There is hardly anyone who would claim that dogs are bad animals. Well, every animal is good in their own ways, however, dogs just make life better in so many ways that we cannot even imagine. They are the rainbows at the end of a gloomy skied day.

We often see our dogs and the pooches of our friends, lying on their backs and throwing their hands and legs towards the sky and nudging their favourite person. Even if the person they are nudging is not on their list of favourites, they tend to like to cuddle if the human (human) wishes to. Dogs just love to cuddle be it their own kind, the other kind of human, which makes their owners love them all the more. They are adorable animals; therefore, it is not surprising to see them hug us. Dogs are the most ‘giving’ animals on earth; we give them five and get back ten. Well, let us tell you then why do dogs like to cuddle us, unlike other animals that probably walk away when they sense a human figure.

  • For warmth

We often come across dogs that pile up upon one another. Little pups trying to lay on top of the other making a little pile of pups. It is no doubt the most adorable thing to see dogs do, however, many questions, is it for warmth or for affection. Well, the conclusion is, pups love to cuddle one another or the other kinds for the warmth. For, if a person gets cold they can cover themselves and get rid of the chill. However, dogs cannot. Which is why, they choose to snuggle for warmth. And we have no complaints about it.

  • For affection

Well, cuddling is obviously for the warmth. However, you cannot avoid the fact that cuddling is a huge sign of affection. When we tend to like someone or feel affection for someone we hug them. Similarly, when dogs like someone a lot they tend to cuddle that person as a gesture of affection which is by far the best therapy any human could receive.

  • Making a bond

We shake hands when we befriend someone and more so, we hug them as a gesture of trust and loyalty. Dogs are known to be the most trustworthy animal and ‘friend’ for humans all over the world since their domestication. Therefore, if you find your dog cuddling with you or someone else or another animal, it is a sign that they are bonding. It is a gesture of love and trust for one another. Isn’t that just adorable?

Therefore, it is our duty to not question a dog’s habit of cuddling with us. Rather, we should feel blessed to have an animal love us so much. Also, studies have proved that if a human is sufferings from loneliness or depression, cuddling helps. Mostly, cuddling dogs help us cope with many mental disorders. Somehow, our brains perceive a dog’s love as therapy and it works both ways for dogs and humans. Guess, dogs cuddling are the best medicine.